Embarc and GoFormative: 2 Must Try Tools.

Embarc and GoFormative: 2 Must Try Tools.

Here are a few tools that I think will be very beneficial for many of you. The two tools that I am sharing are perfect for:

  1. Teachers who are looking for a digital assessment tool that allows students to show their work digitally as well as provide feedback.
  2. Teachers who are using the EngageNY math curriculum and would like some additional resources.
  3. Teachers who already use EngageNY and would like to try GoFormative for exit tickets.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.29.46 PM


Yesterday, I learned about the new and improved GoFormative. I quickly realized that GoFormative is a fantastic solution for checking for understanding also content delivery. GoFormative’s show your work feature is a way for students to demonstrate their work with a digital drawing. Many teachers that I know of use this feature because it allows students to show their work when solving math problems.  It shows the teacher exactly how each student is solving a problem in real time.  GoFormative is not an app, it works within any web browser and allows you to check for student understanding, gives students real-time feedback for some question types and allows teachers the ability to see how your students are answering questions in real time.   This feature is helpful because you can see as your students work through problems and see who’s getting it and who needs additional help.  Some other outstanding features include:

  • See your students work as they write or draw out their answers in real-time.
  • Upload Docs PDFs and images.
  • Tag questions (anywhere on a .pdf) with CCSS, NGSS and many additional standards (Including library standards) so that you can track how your students are progressing toward mastery of that standard.
  • Tag questions (anywhere on a .pdf) with numbers to indicate which problem you are assessing.
  • Remove student names and project their responses to generate discussion around that topic.
  • Embed videos and flip your lesson directly in the assessment.

If you have been on the lookout for a great tool then you might want to consider this for use or at a minimum, place it in your teacher toolbox to try later.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 9.44.21 AM

Embarc Online

Embarc is a smorgasbord of EngageNY resources for K-5th grade teachers and gives them to teachers for free. You will be able to access Google slide presentations for each lesson and accompanying videos for each lesson. No need to create anything from scratch. There are also pacing guides and suggestions for each lesson, parent tip sheets, both English and Spanish resources, and templates.

Better together:  GoFormative and EngageNY

GoFomative houses a library of premade EngageNY exit tickets for all grade levels, modules, and lessons.   Here’s the link to the “GoFormative/Engage NY Exit Tickets” and here’s a link to the library of all the premade tools you can use.  Click here for ELA, science, social studies, and many more pre-made assessments.

Assessment ProTip:
One of the greatest benefits of using technology is the ability to give real-time feedback. Educational researcher John Hattie (1992) found that feedback is one of the most powerful educational tool available to educators.  If we give assignments digitally but don’t utilize the power of technology to provide instant feedback we are not only working at a substitution level of SAMR; it also means that for some students we are reinforcing students’ incorrect understanding and application of a concept.   Feedback allows them to adjust course and improve as they go. The reason why this is one of the greatest benefits of technology is that computers can automate this process and therefore allows the teacher to clone themselves as many times as needed to give feedback and grow every student.


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